Michael Kuney (left) and Derek Normand (right) changed it up and evenly chopped the $400,000 Guaranteed 2021 Prime Social Enchanted Xmas Series $1,100 Game Changer, aka the Main Event, each taking home $86,950 in the 559-entry event.
A$100 Poker Industry First ChanceRESULTS
1$50,000 GTD $250 NLH KickoffRESULTS
2$10,000 GTD $250 NLH Mystery Bounty Gift Exchange RESULTS
4$400 NLH Triple StackRESULTS
5$400 Pot Limit Big ORESULTS
6$400,000 GTD $1,100 NLH Game ChangerRESULTS
7$3,500 NLH High RollerRESULTS
8$230 NLH Flip and Change Your LuckRESULTS
9$400 NLH Send OffRESULTS

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